The last few GSoC commits (Pencils down)

So, the official last week of GSoC has begun.
The previous week involved working on the documentation aspect and packaging a box for quick start.
This is the documentation work that I did last week (Installation Documentation) I also packaged a Vagrant box, but faced a small problem while trying to put the CPAN mapping. I shall continue working on it in the coming weeks.
Oh! and I managed to resolve the merge conflicts on my outstanding branches for Stargazers. That was one heck of a learning! LOL

Apart from this, I worked on my final commits to the Web of Trust version 1. I had to add the trust data to the news feed. I’ll be pushing this work in this week before the final deadline. That would conclude Web of Trust Version 1. There’s definitely a long way to go.

I would say participating in the Google Summer of Code definitely helped me in various ways. The most important one being me contributing to MetaCPAN. I got a great amount of exposure to the MetaCPAN codebase. I learned not only about the front end work but could hack on the API too. And the experience was amazing.  🙂
I got the feel of working on a real-time project, where meeting deadlines and solving blockers was made easy with the help from my mentors. Infact, communication was the key here. The Monday Google Hangouts with my mentors, the discussions on the irc channel and the daily report mails made it much easier for me to advance.
Unfortunately, I won’t be a student next year. So this was my last time with GSoC.
Although, I’ll definitely be a part of MetaCPAN and would obviously continue contributing. 🙂

My plan for the next few weeks will be, to get my work merged into MetaCPAN and probably help out other budding students planning to be a part of MetaCPAN.

That’s me… signing off!