Past few weeks with MetaCPAN.

The past few weeks involved fixing my work on “Starring of Modules” and exploring more with “Web of Trust”.
I’m almost done with implementing the first version of the “Web of Trust”.
So far, I have been able to add the trust data to the API and add a “trust” button to the author’s page. Also, I have used the autocomplete feature to search for authors by their names and, included a separate page that lists the trusted authors’ details.
The modules that will be recommended by these trusted authors will be displayed on the author’s page in the form of a news feed.
My plan for the next week is to work on enhancing this feed and making sure that the right data is highlighted.
That’s all for now! 🙂


A new API endpoint in MetaCPAN: Stargazer

A somewhat delayed report on my work for the past two weeks, but here it goes.

MetaCPAN has a feature where the users can recommend a module by clicking ++ button.
On similar terms, there was a request for having a feature where the user can simply “bookmark” or “star” a module for later reference. The ++ feature helps recommend a distribution as a whole, while starring works on modules. So a user can star say Moose::Cookbook as a separate bookmark from Moose.

So, the last few weeks went in setting up the backend of my VM. I had to familiarize with the creation of a new endpoint. The front end involved, displaying the button and saving the data for the user in the API.
To test my code, I required a PAUSE id. So, I obtained one just last week and could test the feature in a better way.
This particular task helped me figure out many details of the API and gave me a better understanding of the logic.

I will soon be sending a pull request in the following week.
That’s all for today.