GSoC Week 11: Improving Documentation for MetaCPAN.

Last week, I wrapped up my work on the Stargazers pull request ( metacpan-webcpan-api ). Also, I pushed a few commits to the “Web of Trust” pull request. So far, I’ve implemented most of it except for one feature, where I need to highlight the recent activity for the trusted authors. My fellow colleague Oiami, an OPW intern is currently working on the news feed. Once her request gets merged I shall add the Web of Trust functionality to the feed. This should complete the 1st phase of Web of Trust.
After a discussion with my mentors (Olaf & Randy), we decided to work on the Documentation for MetaCPAN; specifically for the installations and the complete setup of all the repositories. I will list down all the steps required for setting up the box from scratch. I will also formulate a quick start guide for the developer to download another box which is pre-indexed with the authors and latest CPAN releases data. Most of the documentation on the wiki shall now be moved to the main repositories for easy reference.

This week will be a revisit to my initial stage, when I first got started with MetaCPAN. I’m looking forward to this week, as it’ll definitely help newbies to contribute to MetaCPAN without any trivial blockers in their way.


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