A new API endpoint in MetaCPAN: Stargazer

A somewhat delayed report on my work for the past two weeks, but here it goes.

MetaCPAN has a feature where the users can recommend a module by clicking ++ button.
On similar terms, there was a request for having a feature where the user can simply “bookmark” or “star” a module for later reference. The ++ feature helps recommend a distribution as a whole, while starring works on modules. So a user can star say Moose::Cookbook as a separate bookmark from Moose.

So, the last few weeks went in setting up the backend of my VM. I had to familiarize with the creation of a new endpoint. The front end involved, displaying the button and saving the data for the user in the API.
To test my code, I required a PAUSE id. So, I obtained one just last week and could test the feature in a better way.
This particular task helped me figure out many details of the API and gave me a better understanding of the logic.

I will soon be sending a pull request in the following week.
That’s all for today.


Improved display of Plussers.

So, for the last few weeks I worked on improving the display of the authors who have ++ed a distribution on MetaCPAN.
So I now created a separate page to display the gravatar images of the authors.
This way the UI was much improved.

Apart from the ++ers, I worked on updating the metacpan-example codes. As ElasticSearch is now deprecated, MetaCPAN will soon have to use Search::Elasticsearch. Also, I used MetaCPAN::Client for making requests to the api.

These were the two improvements I implemented  in the week after the Community bonding period.