Summary Report: Community Bonding.

So, the community bonding period of Google Summer of Code went on from the 22nd of April and got over today. This is the summary of my work done so far.

In this duration, I acquainted myself with Catalyst and Elasticsearch. Read a few docs and worked on two issues.

1. Including the gravatar images of the authors who like a particular distribution.  As a part of my initial release of this feature, I worked on retrieving the images of the PAUSE users, and simply displayed them as a list.
You can check my pull request here:

Then, I made two small changes to the same code: Rounded the corners and added a title tag for display of author’s name on hover. It was something like this:

2. Porting MetaCPAN-Examples to use MetaCPAN::Client instead of MetaCPAN::API, and Search::Elasticsearch instead of ElasticSearch.

My timeline for the Community Bonding was roughly as follows:

26th April-3 May : Read the Catalyst and Elasticsearch documentation. Understood the scope of the ++ers feature to be implemented and drafted a rough algorithm for the same.

6-12 May: As ElasticSearch is now deprecated and does not support asynchronous processing, I changed my code to use the existing model classes to invoke calls to the MetaCPAN API.

13th May: The initial pull request was merged.

13-18th May : Started working on my 2nd issue. Porting all scripts in to use MetaCPAN::Client and Search::Elasticsearch.

Sent an initial pull request for feedback from my mentors: Olaf and Randy.

19-25th May: University exams are on! So, no such schedule for this week. Though later, I plan to improve the ++ers feature and complete metacpan-examples.

That’s all in this report. 🙂

Until later!


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