Every blog needs an intro.

Hey everyone, so finally I came up with my own blog. Somehow, this idea is great, where I can just talk my heart out about the one thing I love i.e “Programming”

So, let’s get to know me better, shall we? 😀
Well, my name is Talina and I was born, brought up and have practically lived the past 21 years of my life in this one city that I can’t get enough of. Yes, I love Pune. Specifically for its weather.
So I am a techno freak, I guess? I like to keep myself updated with everything happening around technology. Oh, and also, I am two months away from being a graduate in Computer Engineering.
Yes, so you may say it. I’m a geek. But I like being one. I am addicted to being logical. Intelligence and smartness are two of the few qualities that I adore.
The motivation behind this blog is my summer internship that has finally begun at “Google Summer of Code”. I’ll be posting weekly reports of my work here, though I might as well use it to blabber about stuff, in case I am bored or gloomy.
So… well, that’s pretty much the gist of all that i wanted to say.
Until later!